CHHOUR Kaloon   蔡家麟


CHHOUR Kaloon was born in 1968 in Cambodgia in a rich chinese family native to the province of Canton.

Following the Khmer Rouge abuse he lost a large part of his family and was forced exodus that leads him to France.

He has now the French nationality and lives in Nice (France).


In Paris, he followed painting courses with Katia Kostoff of Beaux Arts.

He discovered and became fascinated by the great impressionist masters, who were themselves inspired by Asian art.

At first his style is figurative but it evolves rapidly toward impressionism and fauvism.

He stayed loyal to this style many years, but, at the age of 35, shortly after his arrival at the French Riviera; he radically turned towards abstraction keeping his range of strong and intense colors, the forcefulness of his brush, the harmony of his volumes, the underlying calligraphy and the oil painting technique.


Chhour privileges warm colors: yellow, orange but also strong ones like black and red.

His works are very structured with the use of glaze, drippings, mediums, paintbrushes, knives...

But for Chhour these are just means to bring subliminal perception of the viewer to enter in his universe.


Chhour is the revelation of the poetic abstraction movement, combining impressionist and Asian influences.

Very popular amongst the savvy amateurs, his work is present in many prestigious collections throughout the world.


In 2019, a personnal exhibition was dedicated to him at the Museum of Asian Arts in Nice (France).


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